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EtinMoot by Elizabeth Vongvisith Gydja of the Iron Wood

August 14-17, 2008
Cauldron Farm
Hubbardson, Massachusetts

Why EtinMoot?

More and more do we hear from people being contacted, working with and
revering, the Rokkr and the Jotunfolk. Often they get little hearing
or sympathy from others in the various Northern Tradition religious
groups, and too often they think that they are the only ones having
this experience. This is a gathering for those of us who love, honor,
and work with Loki, Hela, Angrboda, Fenris, Jormundgand, Surt, Skadi,
Gerda, Jord, Mengloth, Mordgud, Nidhogg, Mimir, Groa, Aegir, Ran (and
their nine daughters), Thrym, Kari, Gunnlod, Rind and others that we
have not here named.

This year we are honoring Surt, Sunna, Mani, Rind, Angrboda and Gerda.
There will also be poles raised for Loki, Sigyn, Narvi and Vali. Iron
Wood Kindred will once again hold a special faining for the sea-etins
(Ran, Aegir and the Nine Mermaids) on Thursday, August 14 at the
seashore (location to be announced). You must provide your own
transportation. All other EtinMoot events will take place at Cauldron
Farm in Hubbardston, Massachusetts.

There will be a non-ritual celebratory event (i.e. a big party) for
Loki on Friday night at "dark-thirty," so bring party food and
refreshments to share. Alcohol is permitted at the party and at other
times; however, anyone getting drunk to the point of obnoxiousness to
others will be evicted. This is not your Uncle Torvald's drunken
two-fisted sexist moot! If you can't control yourself and behave
properly, don't embarrass yourself by making a scene on sacred land.

Be warned, the rule of this gathering is tolerance. Regardless of how
much you may disapprove of someone else's lifestyle, personality,
relationship with the Gods, opinion of your patron deity, or ideas
about any part of your faith, if you cannot express it politely, you
will be expected to keep it to yourself. Rudeness will not be
tolerated. All disagreements must be conducted in reasonable tones of
voice without deliberate personal insult or physical assault (or
threat of the latter).

There will also be two god-possessions this year. If you have never
been present when a deity has been "horsed," there are some basic
rules of etiquette that all attendees will be expected to follow. A
flyer will be distributed at the beginning of EtinMoot with guidelines
for proper behavior during rituals and god-possessions. Anyone who
behaves disrespectfully or disruptively will be asked to leave.

One of the reasons for this event is the growing amount of UPG about
the Jotunfolk that is coming through more and more of us. We need a
space to compare this UPG, to see how much of it can be deemed PCPG --
peer-corroborated personal gnosis. This is the nature of this space,
and it is one of both discovery and frith. Come, if your heart has
been yearning to hail Them in a space where They are revered.

Other Event Information:

The fee is $15 per adult; children are free. You can pay at the door
or beforehand, by check or PayPal to cauldronfarm@.... Plan to
arrive at Cauldron Farm on Friday afternoon and leave Sunday afternoon
or early evening. Those wishing to attend the sea-etins' faining on
Thursday should contact the event coordinator for information and

Special arrangements may be possible for those traveling long
distances, if you call us well in advance. We do not provide
transportation, meals or childcare; bring your own tent, bedding,
food, flashlight, and bug repellent and refreshments to share for
Loki's Big Party on Friday. The site is fairly primitive with a
latrine and cooking firepit, but it is a place where we can hail the
names that we may not be allowed to speak elsewhere.

If you have any questions about EtinMoot itself or the deities and
wights being honored this year, please contact event coordinator and
gydja of the Iron Wood Kindred, Elizabeth Vongvisith
(evongvisith@...). For more information about camping or the
site, please contact Raven Kaldera (cauldronfarm@...).

Please feel free to circulate this announcement as you see fit.


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